Divorce Consultation and Mediation

Considering divorce?  Let me help you navigate the complicated process and educate you about your options and ways to save money and reduce trauma to yourself and your family.  I offer consultation services to help you determine the best course to take and your next steps.  During our consultation I will walk you through different ways of dissolving a marriage, help you assess the best method for you and your family, and help you develop an action plan to move forward.  I am also happy to provide you with references (attorneys, financial professionals, mental health professionals) once you’ve made that decision.

I am the 2021 President-Elect of the Collaborative Divorce Illinois (CDI) Board of Directors.  In that capacity, and as a trained Divorce Mediator, Coach, and Child Specialist, I can work with you directly to end your marriage in the most compassionate and healing way possible.  Divorce is a traumatic event for most people and often results in damage to the spouses and their children.  I can educate you on the various options you have so that you can enter the process and make informed decisions based on the most accurate information available.  More information on my work with divorcing couples is available under Collaborative Law Professional.  To learn more about Collaborative Divorce Illinois click here.

If you’re looking for help, call 646-481-5516 or email drlydia@richardsonpsyd.com  to arrange a free 20 minute telephone consultation.