Traditional Therapy:  I have helped many adults, adolescents, and families resolve their issues and feel better.  My style is nurturing, interactive, goal-directed, and supportive. I provide psychotherapy for adults who experience a range of problems including depression, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, and challenges adjusting to transitions and changes.  I will work with you to help you set and achieve goals, develop better ways to manage stress and cope, manage life transitions, and address long-standing issues if necessary.  Life can be very stressful and sometimes leaves us feeling stretched beyond our abilities; we will work together to help you feel more capable and competent to handle what life brings your way.  I have worked extensively with adults and children with a history of trauma; processing and resolving past traumatic events can free one to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Parenting Training and Coaching:  As children grow and develop, parents often need to learn new strategies to manage their children’s behavioral and emotional challenges.  I think it is important to partner with parents while I help build on their strengths and teach them new techniques to help them more effectively parent and motivate their children.  The recommendations I offer are always tailored to the children’s developmental needs for optimal success.  Having worked extensively with diverse populations of parents of children with developmental disorders while also raising three children of my own, I can readily empathize with the challenges parents face and offer a real-life and down-to-earth perspective.

Child and Adolescent coping skills development:  Some problems are best addressed by directly helping children learn techniques that they need to confront their challenges. Adolescence is a particularly challenging time for both the adolescent and his or her parents.  During this time children are often struggling with identity issues, peer pressure, socialization, and academic pressures.  I can help teach them skills to enable them to better navigate this difficult time.  These can include ways of managing feelings such as worry, sadness, or anger.

Family and Couples Therapy:  I have worked extensively with families to help them resolve issues with communication, family roles, and maladaptive ways of interacting with each other.  I work with couples to address similar issues as well as to work through conflicts and determine the best course of action for the relationship.  Whereas I will work hard with you to save your relationship, I will also work with you to determine if separation is in order, and if so, to figure out the best way to do that with the least amount of distress.  Some couples come to me to seek a way to separate amicably and thus minimize any negative effects on their children.  I can help with all of these issues as well as with divorce mediation if things have progressed to that point.

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